Who Invented Sex Doll?


Have you ever wondered who invented sex doll? This is certainly a story worth revealing.

Over the course of three or four centuries, sex dolls went from leather puppets to lifelike robots. As more and more lifelike dolls come out, the technology behind them shows no sign of slowing down in the long run. Let's take a trip to memory and unravel untold stories:

The history of sex dolls 

One of the earliest records of sex dolls is in the 17th century, when Dutch sailors used hand-stitched leather puppets to "relieve boredom" during their voyages and brought them to Japan to trade with local sailors. Seafarers felt lonely on long voyages, so this type of device was born naturally. 

sex doll history

Fast forward a few centuries to the 1930s, and writer Anthony Ferguson believes it was around this time that German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer invented the more modern sex doll. In his 2010 book A Brief History of Sex Dolls, he wrote: "The only difference between the mysterious, erotic models Bellmer created in the 1930s and functional sex dolls was that they lacked the necessary entrance." And that missing piece came at the end of World War II with the invention of the inflatable sex doll.

blowup sex doll

However, if the unofficial history is to be believed, many people may think that they were invented by Hitler. Rumor has it that he instituted this policy to prevent Germans from having sex with non-Aryan women, and others say he instituted this policy to prevent the spread of disease in the Nazi army. However, there is no evidence yet that these claims have any substance.

Sex dolls first appeared in public-facing magazines in 1968, when it became legal to sell such supplies through the post office.

Over time, these dolls have become more realistic, and new silicone and TPE materials have paved the way for completely eliminating the need for humans. In the 21st century, talking robots emerge one by one, bringing "electronic emotion" to the fore.

realistic sex doll torso

Who makes sex dolls?

The manufacturers of sex dolls are all over the world. Among them, China is the world's largest producer of adult products, accounting for 60%-80% of the global market, with a market size of 113.4 billion. It is also the largest exporter of sex dolls.

sex doll made

Who buy them?

In interviews we can learn from employees that most buyers are "just people fascinated". Buying a sex doll for couples and solo play is a way to explore life as it has no emotion and no deceit.

sex doll lover

There are lonely males who don’t necessarily want to go on a date; there are people with disabilities, for whom sex dolls are their convenient and unbiased companions; and there are young couples who want to add another dimension to their love life without the need for additional emotional burden. Also, more and more people just think a sex doll is better for their lifestyle.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports of people saying they were in love with their dolls. It has been suggested that in the future, dolls could be used to accompany lonely elderly people if they are not accompanied.

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