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Paola: 18.29lb Big Boobs Sexy Ass Torso Sex Doll
Basic Info: Paola small torso sex doll has curvy figure, nice body proportions and amazing breasts, everyone will love them as soon as put your hands on them. Her movable legs really help you do anything you can imagine to...
$218.99 $189.99
Zelda: 7.16lb Mini Cute Torso Sex Doll
Basic Info:Zelda torso sex doll is a mini size torso with realistic texture like goosebumps and dimples. Weight is perfect for those who are tired of male masturbators and want something realistic.For Vagina/Anal Cleaning:1. Use a shower head (or water...
Lana: 35.27lb Sexy Big Boobs Love Doll
Basic Info:Lana sex doll has solid A-cup breast, but still a joy to cup and feel. The skin is smooth and feels good. Every detail and every part is true and realistic. Finally, the bones are easy to move and...
Hanna: 40.78lb Torso Adult Love Doll
$462.99 $398.99
Hanna: 40.78lb Torso Adult Love Doll
Basic Info:Hanna sex doll torso is a close to life size half body doll although I classify her as medium size. She has A-B cup breast for people who are small boobs enthusiasts. Her inner skeleton allows her to stay...
$462.99 $398.99
Phoebe: 36.6lb Sucking Vibrating Full Size Big Ass
Basic Info:Phoebe is not only a life size torso sex doll but also can suck and vibrate, which can bring you a whole new different sexual pleasure. She feels just like real woman, the shape of the ass is incredibly...
Camilla: 55.11LB Life-Size Sex Doll Butt Realistic Big Ass
Basic Info:Camilla sex doll torso is a mature BBW torso sex doll with goosebumps skin. She is a much larger butt, giving you more surface to grab, and her weight gives more force bouncing back at you in doggy-style position...
$559.00 $539.00

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