Zelda: 7.16lb Mini Cute Torso Sex Doll (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Zelda torso sex doll is a mini size torso with realistic texture like goosebumps and dimples. Weight is perfect for those who are tired of male masturbators and want something realistic.For Vagina/Anal Cleaning:1. Use a shower head (or water...
Edith Twin: 20.28LB Sex Doll Masturbator with Realistic Texture (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Edith Twin real love doll has adjustable legs which can really make a difference when it comes to a more immersive experience and creates a more realistic feel. Considering this torso sex doll is only 20lb, it’s a decent...
Paola: 18.29lb Big Boobs Sexy Ass Torso Sex Doll (For EU Customers)
Basic Info: Paola small torso sex doll has curvy figure, nice body proportions and amazing breasts, everyone will love them as soon as put your hands on them. Her movable legs really help you do anything you can imagine to...
Amber: 24.25lb Automatic Clean Sexpuppe with Sucking and Vibration (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Amber sex doll torso has many different options suction and vibration. With its multiple settings, it gives you variety of different speeds, sensation and more to experiment with. Each time is entirely different giving you the endless possibilities. Automatic clean...
Oscar: 16.75lb Sexy Male Torso Sex Doll with Dildo (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Oscar sex doll is a bit on small size, but this makes cleaning and storage easier. The penis has an internal shaft that moves with you like the real thing when you ride it, spin on it, etc. If...
Bobbie: 16.09lb Lifelike Ladyboy Shemale Torso Doll (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Bobbie is a TPE torso sex doll with big boobs and hard flexible penis. The breasts are soft yet perky, a nice feel and great to grab a hold of as you ride to ecstasy. The sex torso penis...
Juliana: 8.22lb Lifelike Mini Male Masturbator (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Juliana mini torso sex doll is a great and comfortable torso sex toy. It’s a nice size and isn’t too heavy, great for holding and use in any position. Skin feels soft and nice. Both entrances are tight and...
Angela: 5.88lb Mini Ass Sex Doll Torso (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Angela is a mini size torso sex doll but capable hip, which will not move around or disappoint you if you place it on the bed or chair for hands-free, and which has enough weight to satisfy you when...
Abby: 13.78lb Small Realistic Adult Doll with Soft Boobs (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Abby is obviously a small size torso sex doll, she has nice smooth skin, jiggly ass, and elastic soft boobs. And she’s not too big or heavy either, making handling very easy! Her TPE skin makes her touch super...
Izabella: 13.23lb Skinny Sexy Model Leg Torso (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Izabella torso sex doll has smaller size rather than a life size, and she is designed according to the proportions of a slender model. But she's rather easy to store which you enjoy. The sex doll half body is...
Nina: 18.74lb Small Boobs Sex Doll Torso (For EU Customers)
Basic Info:Nina has rather small boobs to compare with the whole body. This torso sex doll is designed for people who love small cute boobs. Her skin and breasts are extremely soft, great texture front and back and the details...
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