23 Common Questions & Answers about Sex Doll Torso


Question 1: How many times should black clothes be washed before dressing sex doll torso? How long does it take for them to not stain?

Answer: After diluting laundry powder in water, leave the black clothes soaking for 5-15 minutes. Check if the water changes color. Generally, when the water no longer changes color, it won't stain anymore. It depends on the quality of the clothes; lower-priced clothes usually require 7-8 washes to completely stop fading.

Question 2: Will white fabric clothing stain the sex doll torso?

Answer: White fabric clothing won't stain the doll; only colored ones will. Additionally, colored clothes may only stain the doll's body when worn and subjected to heat and oil absorption.

Question 3: Is the sex doll torso prone to staining?

Answer: It depends on the material formulation of the doll and the clothes. Currently available dolls mostly have transparent material formulations, which are generally not a significant factor. It mainly depends on the clothes; if the original color of the clothes doesn't stain, there shouldn't be a problem. To prevent staining, consider wearing anti-staining base layers or light-colored clothes.

Question 4: Regarding staining issues with dark-colored doll clothes?

Answer: It's advisable not to wear dark-colored clothes for extended periods. It's okay for the doll to be bare, but it's safer to use white underwear.

Question 5: Can wearing an undergarment allow clothes to be worn for a long time? Can they be worn long-term if they don't fade after washing?

Answer: For safety, after buying clothes, vigorously wipe them with a warm white damp cloth. If there's any color transfer, wash them before wearing again, or they can't be worn long-term. If the undergarment covers the doll's entire body, it's fine to wear long-term. However, it's better to be safe than sorry, as the doll's movement may cause friction, especially on knees, which can lead to staining when heated.

Question 6: How to apply powder? Should the sex doll torso be packed immediately after application?

Answer: Use a plush powder puff to evenly apply powder over the entire body. After applying powder, lay the doll flat on a blanket or bed sheet for about 10 minutes before packing it back into the box.

Question 7: Does the torso sex doll produce oil? Which material doesn't?

Answer: All dolls produce oil, but silicone sex dolls produce minimal oil, though they are relatively expensive. TPE sex dolls produce more oil, but advancements in manufacturing can effectively control this. Nastnova sex dolls use imported high-molecular-weight TPE with minimal oil production. Regular powdering is essential for all doll owners.

Question 8: Is it necessary to change the torso sex doll's pose regularly?

Answer: Apart from lying flat, it's necessary to periodically change the doll's pose. Prolonged maintenance of a single pose can cause deformation at pressure points. Occasionally moving and repositioning the doll, as well as gently moving the limbs, helps alleviate stress, particularly on the buttocks and thighs, which are common stress areas.

Question 9: How to prevent deformation if the sex doll is placed on a sofa without changing its pose?

Answer: Placing a cushion underneath the doll can somewhat delay deformation. However, it's still recommended to regularly change the posing.

Question 10: Can the sex doll be placed in a suitcase?

Answer: Mini sex dolls can be placed in a suitcase.

Question 11: Can water enter the sex doll?

Answer: TPE is a porous material, so during cleaning, water may be retained. Simply air dry promptly after cleaning.

Question 12: How to move the sex doll?

Answer: It's best to place the doll on a wheeled chair for mobility, minimizing the risk of injury or dropping. Alternatively, carrying the doll on your back or in your arms is acceptable, but be careful not to scratch it. Additional tools or pillows can be used to support the doll's posture. When manipulating the joints, support them with both hands at the ends and move slowly to avoid strain. Avoid rough pulling or stretching to prevent joint damage.

Question 13: How often should powder be applied to the sex doll?

Answer: There are two scenarios: if the doll is not being used and stored in a box, apply powder once a month. If the doll is in use, powder should be applied every time. Excessive oil production can cause the doll's seams to stick together, potentially damaging it.

Question 14: Is it safe to use de-staining cream after staining?

Answer: De-staining cream may have mild corrosive effects on the doll. It's not recommended for minor staining. Instead, use a damp cloth dipped in water for light staining. De-staining cream should only be used in severe cases where no other remedy is viable.

Question 15: For significant staining on the thighs, does de-staining cream still work? To what extent can it restore the original appearance?

Answer: De-staining cream can be effective, but the extent of restoration varies depending on the efficacy of different brands. In most cases, it can lighten the staining, but some faint traces may remain, especially if the staining is severe.

Question 16: With proper care, how long can a sex doll last?

Answer: TPE dolls typically have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, while silicone dolls can last 4 to 8 years. Purchasing high-quality dolls and diligently maintaining them can extend their lifespan by 1 to 2 years.

Question 17: Is it okay for the sex doll to be under pressure in one place for a long time?

Answer: Dolls should not maintain the same position for an extended period, as pressure points may become deformed. It's advisable to change the doll's position every 3 to 5 days.

Question 18: How to deal with indentations on the sex doll's body?

Answer: Minor indentations can be treated by patting the affected area with hot water at around 70°C or applying a hot towel. For more severe indentations, a small piece of material can be used with an electric iron to repair and fill the indentation.

Question 19: How to clean dust off the sex doll's surface?

Answer: For a small amount of dust, lightly dust it off with a plush cloth. Alternatively, wipe the body with olive oil to let the dust adhere to the oil, then rinse with a cleaning solution and apply body powder.

Question 20: Are there any specific requirements for olive oil?

Answer: Avoid using edible olive oil; instead, opt for skincare-grade olive oil. It softens the doll's skin and provides a fresh scent.

Question 21: How to clean hidden areas with detergent?

Answer: Mix detergent and water in a 1:1 ratio, then use a syringe or a doll cleaning tool to spray and wash the hidden areas.

Question 22: What to do about wrinkles on the sex doll's skin?

Answer: For TPE dolls, wrinkles or creases caused by prolonged bending or pressure can be naturally restored over time, aided by soaking in warm water or applying a hot towel to the affected area to expedite the process.

Question 23: Can the sex doll's waist bend?

Answer: If the doll has a waist joint, it can bend. Initially, the joints may be tight, but they will loosen over time with use.

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