How to Clean TPE Sex Dolls?


While we buy a sex doll, so many question comes out. How to go about cleaning sex doll with what soap? How to dry it fully with what towel? Should we clean it after every use?

Although, some use female/male condoms so the cleaning efforts are less. Some even choose not to cum internally as it’s harder to clean. The best thing is to clean after every use for sanitary reasons, bacteria etc. Because TPE is a complex porous material, the micro-organisms won't be entirely on the surface, and they become very hard to remove.

How to clean sex doll?


Douche/Shower Head/Faucet Hose/Vaginal Irrigator/Squirt Bottle  

Baby Soap/Regular Antibacterial Handsoap/Mild Soap/Body Lotion

Brush Sponge/Toothbrush/Makeup Brush

Absorbent Towel/Lint-free Towel/Soft Microfiber Cloth/Tampons

Corn Starch/Baby Powder

Vaginal/Anus Clean

Step 1: 

Use a shower head to spray water into the opening.

Step 2: 

Use a brush sponge with mild soap to gently scrub the hole walls so that you won’t want to tear the entryways to the hole when deep cleaning.

Step 3: 

Sit the doll upright over a towel for a minute or two so that any lube/water/cum will just fall on out onto the towel.

Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 a couple of times to get the deepest clean with the least amount of damage to the doll.

Step 4: 

Insert one of the dry towels into the hole to absorb any excess moisture, this time just pressing the towel onto the hole’s walls instead of scrubbing. Then take the towel out and allow a few minutes with her legs open to air dry the holes a bit more. Stick your fingers in there and feel around to make sure it’s dry.

Body Clean

The body is much easier to clean. Just take another towel, dampen it with some soapy solution, and give her a nice bath by gently scrubbing any gunk of her skin. Then just take another dry towel to pat excess moisture off of her skin. After that you just allow hours to air dry. Or a fan with cold wind can speed up the dry process.

When everything is dry, you should powder the outside with corn starch, to keep it from getting sticky and make it last longer. You can use a makeup brush or paintbrush to help apply it. Regular food-grade corn starch from the supermarket is fine and quite inexpensive.


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