Should I buy TPE Sex Doll or Silicone Sex Doll?


What's the main difference between silicone and TPE sex dolls? When comes to sex dolls, it’s very frustrating to choose which one should we buy, as we all know, there are two kinds of materials in the market – TPE and silicone sex dolls. Now I will list some differences, pros and cons between them to help you to choose.


The elasticity and softness of TPE material is unmatched by ordinary silicone. TPE material can freely arrange the different densities of each part of the main body of the sex doll to create a close to real feel. For example, if you want soft breasts, you can adjust them to be hollow when inject, or you can use a firm structure while adjusting the softness of the gel so that the roundness, stiffness, or fullness of tits drop in a TPE sex doll is better than silicone.

tpe sex doll

Realism and longevity of makeup

The fidelity of TPE dolls is slightly worse, the main reason is that the material of TPE is relatively soft to shape, so that makeup is less adhesive. However, the technology is improving, and the premium TPE can also be used to simulate human textures, and the degree of fidelity is greatly improved compared with the previous ones.

Oil yield and odor  

TPE dolls are relatively soft and have a slightly higher oil yield, but premium TPE materials and craftsmanship can basically make dolls odorless. The material of the silicone doll is hard and basically not oily, and basically has no unpleasant smell.

tpe torso sex doll


The price of premium TPE dolls is generally acceptable to most of people, especially TPE torso sex dolls. They are cheap and cost only hundreds of dollars. Decent quality life-size sex dolls from reputable vendors range from $1000 to $7000 depending on quality, size and material.

tpe torso sex doll for sale


TPE material is porous meaning that if you do not properly clean and dry it after use, bacteria or fungus can grow in it and be nearly impossible to get rid of. Silicone on the other hand can easily be disinfected just by cleaning the surface.

However if you still not sure, I would recommend TPE doll, they are lighter, softer and cheaper.

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