How to Dispose of Torso Sex Doll


Taking very good care of torso sex doll is the first thing, but like all good things they don't live forever, when the time comes how to dispose of the torso sex doll for various reasons, so we have to say good bye to them and here are some suggestions to do it right.

Dump in the dumpster

Dismember it at the major joints. Sever the head and put it in a separate trash bag from the torso. The body is hollow usually so you can split that in two and put it in separate bags. Use contractor bags. Dispose of it like you were taking out the trash. Just some extra garbage and that's all it is.

how to dispose of torso sex doll

Selling or giving her away

As to disposing of a torso sex doll, I would recommend selling or giving her away. These ladies can be quite expensive and there are plenty of people who would love to have a doll but can't afford one. You could definitely make someone very happy or even change the quality of their life by such a kind gesture. With that said, I do understand the concern about previously owned dolls. But it's really not as bad as it seems. They can definitely be sanitized with 90% isopropyl alcohol. And the new owner may not even want her for sex, as people have dolls for other reasons. There are many people there like Reddit, Quora, sex doll forum, just go to post some pictures of the doll and ask if there’s anyone want it, I am sure people will pm you soon.

how to dispose of torso sex doll

Bury them

Go with a proper burial, like you'd give a person. Drive her out into the country, pull off of the highway and give her a nice burial by some trees. It'll take all night, but it's the right thing to do. Don't assume it isn't a crime though...there may be state laws against burying plastic products as they could leach into the groundwater. So please confirm if there’s any laws against it in your state.

how to dispose of torso sex doll

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