10 Interesting Sex Facts You Need To Know


For a long time, people have been ashamed to talk about sex, because in the consciousness of many people, sex is relatively private and cannot be discussed openly. Therefore, many people will fall into the confusion of sexual misunderstandings. But you must know that sex is inescapable in people's lives, here are 10 interesting sex facts for you to learn.

1.Most men like having sex more in the morning and in autumn

Finnish medical experts say that men's sexual desire is proportional to androgen in the body. The secretion of male hormones in the early morning is one and a half times that of noon, which is 16% higher than that in the evening; and every autumn is the most vigorous secretion of male hormones in a year. Therefore, their most desired time of day should be in the morning, and the most frequent season should be autumn.

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2.The best sex environment temperature is 27 degrees

Studies have shown that the best sex environment temperature is 27 degrees. Love at low temperature will reduce the speed of blood circulation and make the nerves tense. If you are constantly in a low temperature state, the body is also prone to overreaction, such as shivering when the weather is hot.

3.The orgasm comes out of sleep

The first factor in ensuring quality sex time is sleep. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you are prone to "sexual fatigue". Intermittent sleep time will also reduce your sexual expectations. Instead of sleeping for 10 hours in 3 times a day, it is better to sleep for 7 hours in one breath.

4. Men who fall asleep sooner after sex have better health

French sexual medicine researchers said that men's cerebral cortex and neuromuscular are in a high and short-lived state of excitement during orgasm, and then rapidly decline as the excitement dissipates. The faster a man falls asleep, the better the body's ability to repair.

5. Women are excited about purple, and men have feelings for red

Spanish medical experts say that men will be sexually excited when they see red, while women will feel physical fear when they see red because of menstruation. Making out in a purple bedroom can make a woman 15% more sexually aroused than usual. Because purple is similar to the color of human mucous membranes, it can make women have rich sexual fantasies.

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6. Don't part after love

Love psychologists say that if lovers part during the day, they will feel that there is a future to look forward to, but if they choose to say goodbye at night, especially after sex, there will be a feeling of "permanent parting". Therefore, even if it is a temporary separation, don't bring it up in bed, otherwise both will feel very depressed.

7. Men crave sex more when they are unhappy

German psychologists say that men's desire for sex is 20 percent higher than usual when they are unhappy. If your boyfriend is experiencing a low mood, and you can't motivate him by saying anything, you might as well try to seduce him and give him a different passionate surprise, which may make him feel better!

8. Prolonged foreplay or massage can prevent mind wandering in bed

The latest survey in the United States shows that 73% of women have had the experience of being distracted when sex, and some trivial things in life may affect your mood in bed. Extending the foreplay time, or giving each other a soothing massage before making out can all avoid this!

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9. Sex makes a woman's sense of smell stronger

French medical experts say that sex can prompt the brain's rod cells to form more neurons in the olfactory center, enhancing women's sense of smell. But rod cells are only activated when the cerebral cortex is excited, so routine sex isn't going to do anything to enhance your sense of smell 

10. Don't eat too full or starve when sex

The higher the satiety, the lower the sexual pleasure, say researchers at the University of Manchester's School of Health. Because the gut is full after eating, the blood supply to the brain and other organs is insufficient, and the neurons that provide the raw material for sexual pleasure cannot be fully excited. But having sex with a hungry stomach will also be unsatisfactory due to lack of physical strength. So it's wiser to go to bed with a little dessert or something that makes you more passionate.

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