How often is best for couple to have sex

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1. It is normal for couples to do it once a few days

In fact, most wives pay more attention to emotional communication. How much sex is appropriate is a difficult question to answer. The strength and physique of sexual desire vary from person to person, so the number of sexual activities cannot be specified mechanically, but should be appropriately adjusted according to the specific circumstances of both parties. If you have good physical strength, you can do more; if you are tired or recovering from a serious illness, you should not do or do less.

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Generally speaking, couples aged 20 to 30, 3 to 5 times a week; 31 to 40 years old, 2 to 3 times a week; 41 to 50 years old, 1 to 2 times a week; 51 to 55 years old couples, 1 to 2 times a week.

2. How long do married couples have sex each time?

Under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-15 minutes, of course, there are many longer.

It is difficult to set a standard for how long the duration of each sexual life is appropriate. Most people think that the longer you have sex at a time, the more you can get sexual satisfaction, this view is not scientific. Sexual physiology research shows that each couple's physique and sexual habits are not the same, that is, the same couple, the specific circumstances and environmental conditions of each sexual life are also different. Therefore, it is difficult to set a standard for how long the duration of each sexual life is appropriate.

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3. The frequency of sexual life should be moderate

The times of sexual intercourse varies from person to person. The frequency of sexual intercourse is closely related to a person's age, physique, personality, climate, environment, emotions and other factors. Therefore, the times of sexual life cannot be roughly specified by a number mechanically, but should be adjusted appropriately according to the specific conditions of both men and women.

If there are various chronic diseases, once the sex life is excessive, it is easy to relapse, and it should be controlled. Therefore, don't blindly compare with others, if it seems to be more than others, it is considered excessive, and it must be bad, but judge according to your own feelings.

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4. The dangers of prolonged sexual life

How long is the best time for a couple to have sex? Some people think that the longer the sex life lasts, the more sexual satisfaction can be obtained. This view is unscientific. Sexual physiology research shows that the long-lasting sexual life is not good for both parties' bodies.

First, not only the sexual organs of both men and women are in a highly congested state during sex, but also many tissues and organs of the human body are involved in this special physiological process from the sexual excitement period to the orgasm period. For example, the muscle tension of the whole body is obviously increased, the heartbeat is accelerated, the myocardial contraction is strengthened, the blood pressure is increased, the breathing is deepened and accelerated, the skin blood vessels of the whole body are dilated, sweating is increased, etc., so the energy consumption of the body is significantly increased, and the metabolism is enhanced. If you have sex If it drags on for a long time, the energy of the human body will be exhausted and it will make people feel tired, and even make both parties feel fatigued, muscle sore back, general weakness and other discomforts, which will inevitably affect the work the next day.

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Second, during the sexual life, the sexual organs of both men and women are in close contact and activity in a highly congested state. If the time is too long, it is easy to cause various diseases. It has been clinically proven that if the sex life lasts too long, women are more likely to cause urinary infections, menstrual disorders, etc., and men are prone to prostatitis.

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