How to Make a Sex Doll with No Money


It's 2022, everyone wants to have a sex doll or sex doll torso. Don't you have any money to do it? Don't worry. In this article, you'll learn how to make own sex doll torso with no money.

1.Roll up newspaper as your penis size.

newspaper rolled up as a sex doll

2.After rolling, in order to keep the rolled size unchanged, you can use a rubber band to cover one end of it.

how to make a diy sex doll

3.Prepare a plastic bag/fresh keeping bag, stuffed into rolled newspaper, then fixed two end with rubber bands.

how to make a homemade sex doll

4.Prepare a quilt, roll it up and with band tie it up.

5.Cover the rolled quilt with elastic underwear, fill in apples or balloons to make it look like boobs.

how to make a sex doll

6.Put the rolled newspaper in the gap of the quilt.

how to make a sex doll at home

7.The homemade sex doll then is completed, don't forget to use baby oil or vaseline on the penis before use.

Above are the steps to DIY a homemade sex doll, that’s just for one time pleasure, not used for long time masturbation. Personally, I would recommend people who has limited budget to buy a mini sex doll torso, as the fake homemade sex doll may cause damage to your body, please carefully use it.

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