The Best Places to Store Sex Doll Torso


Do you have a storage solution for sex doll torso that you are happy with? If you’re living with kids or family members, that’s a freaking headache. But do not worry if you read this blog. Here are 4 places for you to store your sex doll torsos.

The Original Shipping Box

When you receive the Nastnova sex doll torso, the sex doll will be put in a brown cardboard box without any brand logo, and the doll is contained in two sealed plastic bags. After finish using the doll, you can put it back in the original plastic bags and the shipping box, seal the box with duct tape, and stick the "Please don't open it" label on the box. This is the easiest way to store sex doll torso.

where to store sex doll torso


Luggage is constructed to protect the items during travel, either with a hard shell or a durable soft material. Most if time, we do not need a luggage but if we have a sex doll torso, we can take advantage of it and put sex doll torsos in the luggage. Do not directly put the doll inside the luggage, make the doll is clean and dry and sealed the doll in the original plastic bags, then put some used clothes under the doll to prevent from oiling/dirting the suitcase.

how to hide sex doll torso

Locked Closet

If you have own closet in the room, add a lock that you only have the key for. Maybe you have family that comes through and are nosy, if they have asked what’s in the closet, and you can say “things that don’t concern”.

store sex doll torso

Under The Bed

Hide the sex doll torso under the bed in the discreet brown box and pushed it all the way in, towards the wall. Then, place a huge number of smaller boxes filled with books, dvds, etc and lay them in a very compact order along the long brown box, that can discourage family members to drag everything out just to access your love doll’s box.

places to store your love doll

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