Why Do People Buy Sex Dolls?


Many people are very curious into buying one sex doll for themselves even though they have a GF/BF or stable relationships, but after doing some search and you may have one question: why did guys/women buy sex doll? Here are some good reasons I have heard from customers:

Replace a girlfriend/boyfriend

“it's a much cheaper alternative to having a girlfriend. I'm also a homebody, and almost all the women I meet are incompatible with that. I realized that, personally, I need friends, food, shelter, sex, etc. I was combining the "friend" and "sex" parts and was having to sacrifice a lot of time, money, effort, and even my hobbies to make it work. I came across the idea of sex dolls and bought something that MORE THAN FULFILLS my sexual needs 🤣🤣 That way, now I have other friends, all my needs are fulfilled, and I get amazing sex whenever and however I want.”

“I pursued a female companion since the 3rd grade. I dated a lot and had a couple of girlfriends. None could really fill my needs and restrictions. Dolls are perfect because they are consistantly pretty, dress up in your favorite outfits, never argue, no snoring, available whenever you wish, never over stepping boundaries, never need to be wined and dined, never getting pregnant or carrying STDs, and always down for threesomes or more. I only wish I got dolls earlier. My life would be so much better. Happiness life hack: don't ever move in with or marry a human. Those were big pitfalls and dolls are putting me on the right track back to happiness. I still live with my last ex and it's dreadful. Hoping she can get back on her feet someday. For anyone craving sex or cuddles, they should get a doll. I look at my past needing to spend 95% of my time making a girl happy to get 5% benefit. A doll flips those numbers!”

Explore couples fun

“My wife has suspected she had a cuckquean fetish for a while. We bought one to see if it truelly was something she was into. This way if it's not, no hurt feelings, animosity, etc. I just have a really expensive masturbation toy. If it is something she gets off on then after a while we can explore further”

Fulfill your fantasy

"They're explicitly an object made for your entertainment: It's like people buying a yacht or lamborghini. They're not necessary whatsoever, and you could fulfill the same purposes for a hell of a lot cheaper (or more expensive if you so chose). It's just more fun in other ways that probably wouldn't happen otherwise - especially when you start talking about kinks and fetishes (though that doesn't really apply to my own certain case). If you were wanting to do something... Questionable, you wouldn't really have to worry about the morality of it. You could get It done and over with and satisfy whatever craving you had."

Own sex dolls as a companion

“Don't expect sex doll to totally solve your loneliness, but hugging and squeezing her is lovely and immersive. Dressing her up is a delight and really transforms the experience."

“I havent felt lonely or depressed since ive recieved mine. Sitting on the couch, or falling asleep at night. I dont feel worthless anymore. Plus she'll never leave.”

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