What does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll or sex doll torso?


Many customers who have never bought a sex doll will be curious: what it is like to have sex with a sex doll. From my personal experience, having sex with a sex doll is the same as having sex with a real woman, the only downside is not being able to interact with her, but I don't want to choose a woman just because of sex. I've collected other people's thoughts so that you can better understand what it's like to have sex with a sex doll.

Stimulate real penetrating

“I like it, gets very wet and it’s nice and tight so it stimulates real penetration. I came several times using it in one setting. One critique I have is that it’s really heavy. So I would suggest using a bed, table, or pillow to use it. Or watch porn everything else except your phone so you can have better control.” Said by Charles R.

Both holes offer different sensations

“This doll is extremely enjoyable and both holes offer different sensations. The back entrance is tighter and is great for guys who may be of a smaller size or want a more intense experience. As an average sized guy myself, I enjoyed both entrances a lot. My favorite thing about this doll is it’s ability to be able to be in doggy position. The doll has enough bounce to move on its own with some help making for a great time.” Said by Russ

Hands free experience

“This toy has two different channels with the vaginal opening tighter that the other usable hole. The product does have significant weight to it which can make it a bit unwieldy so best used stationary on something that you can thrust against. As with all toys like this lots of lube makes it quite an enjoyable experience. The real selling point of this is the fact that you can have a mostly hands-free experience which isn't something that you get with most masturbators.” Said by Trash Racoon

It can take some thickness

“Don't judge a book by its cover. This toy can really take a pounding. I have a "girthy" member and find it difficult to find a toy that will accommodate my member AND feel good while using it. At first glance I had doubts, but after trying it out..wow!! While "testing" the product, I found it visually arousing and the sound it makes **drools**. It hugs you just right and takes every drop.” Said by LaMonte Williams.

The closest to having sex with girlfriend

“I had different masturbators. I saw this and I decided to buy it. I just had the most pressure out of all the masturbators i have. This is the closest to having sex with my girlfriend.” Said by El Cuagulado

Incredibly fun and unique to use

“The weight of this toy makes it incredibly fun and unique to use. Every part of it feels so soft and supple and grabbable. You can even dress it up if you wanted. I'd recommend pairing with a VR device and experimenting. Follow the included instructions to keep it in good condition and it should last for many fun times.” Said by Alvin.

After reading these reviews, you may want to buy a sex doll/sex doll torso of your own. If you have a different sexual experience, welcome to comment below.

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