121 Dirty Talk Phrases When Have Sex


Sex is the most important thing in the world, therefore dirty talks are very necessary during sex, but sometime we just do not know what to say, today I will give you some good examples for reference, I want to make you feel much more comfortable and gain much more happiness from sex! Good sex time made your day and gives your life a lot of brightness and enlights your world!

1. Put it in me already, I’m aching. Please!

2. I want it in me

3. Cum all over my pussy

4. Well, fuck me sir

5. This one’s for free

6. Fuck me Santa. Fuck me Santa. Fuck me Santa.

7. Please don't stop!

8. Put your peepee in my vajoober

9. Keep doing that

10. Dinner is ready

11. Oh yeah lick my ass you dirty boy

12. Spit in my mouth

13. That feels so good

14. Oh baby, your earlobes are so sexy


16. Oh yes daddy, I love it

17. Flip me over and fuck me from behind

18. Just like that

19. Harder

20. Use me

21. Oh Are these the panties your mommy picked out for you

22. I want you inside my mouth

23. Fuck my fucking fanny off, you twat

24. I’m going to plop my titty in your mouth

25. Baby, you feel so good inside of me

26. I want you to cum for me

27. Look how wet I am for you

28. If you don't stop, you're going to make me cum

29. You like how I ride that cock, you dirty slut?


31. I think about fucking you

32. Yeah, you like that baby?

33. I love how deep you are inside me

34. Shit, you're gonna make me cum

35. I will always love you

36. You like that ya fuckin retard?

37. Twist my nips, Johnny!

38. Clap my hams, mister man!

39. Vagina go brrrrrr!

40. I can't believe it's not butthole!

41. Do you even lift, bro?

42. Ravage me like a Hungarian goat farmer!

43. Tight enough for ya?

44. Pump me full of your man milk, rockstar!

45. Make me gush in my puss, step-bro!

46. Lick my eyeballs!!

47. I love the way your left dick tastes

48. You're making me so wet.

49. I love it when you XXXXXX

50. You're making me feel so good.

51. I'm so close

52. You're so big

53. Do you like that?

54. Insert his name here.

55. Cum for me.

56. You're going to make me cum.

57. I want to XXXX on your XXXX

58. Cum in my mouth, I want to taste you

59. Am I your little slut?

60. I'm aching for your big purple-headed womb ferret.

61. Take me from behind

62. Spank me

63. By the way, I think you should get tested

64. Oh yeah munch my wet box

65. Grind my hole

66. Can I eat your pussy?

67. Can I suck your cock?

68. You like how I take it?

69. Your cock feels so good

70. Thanks for fucking my pussy

71. You think I'm playing at some game?

72. Ride me, honey

73. I am feeling so horny right now

74. I want to feel you on top of me

75. I just want to be yours tonight

76. I want to be used by you tonight

77. I love the way you taste, it drives me crazy

78. Keep going, keep going

79. I want you to go deep down on me

80. Every time you touch me, I feel so weak and turned on

81. You get me so hot.

82. Mmm… do you like that?

83. Damn, you smell good enough to eat.

84. I want to give you the best oral sex you’ve ever had.

85. I just want to make your whole face wet with my juices.

86. Are you hungry baby? I want to swallow you up.

87. Your cock is so delicious.

88. I want you to cum all over me.

89. I want to dominate you tonight.

90. Your cock fits in me so perfectly.

91. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.

92. Get on your knees, now.

93. You look so fucking sexy right now.

94. Is this pussy yours? Are you going to take it?

95. Pound my little pussy with your big cock daddy.

96. I want you to fuck me in front of the mirror baby.

97. Your dick is so full. It feels amazing.

98. Stand up and fuck me.

99. Use me like your little fuck toy.

100. I love sucking your cock, daddy.

101. I’m your whore.

102. I’ve never been satisfied like that before.

103. I’ve been a bad girl, and I deserve a spanking.

104. Put your mouth on my breasts.

105. Suck my nipples until I say it’s enough.

106. I want you in me so baaadly.

107. Tie me up

108. Make me your bitch!

109. Slap my ass!

110. Bite me, and make me yours.

111. I want you to kiss my entire body.

112. You’re so freaking hot

113. Eat me like your favorite vegetable

114. I want you to slide deep inside me

115. Your dick is so nice, let me have a bite

116. Meet me your naughty sex slave

117. Can I suck your balls?

118. I’m dripping wet.

119. I’m about to explode.

120. Babe, I want you to get me drained.

121. Kill me with your cock.

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