8 Best Places to Masturbate


I started masturbating since my 6th grade. When I feel horny, and have an opportunity to jerk off. I feel the joy of giving myself a reward. Chills start to appear in my body. They may be in the front of my thighs, the top of my head, my feet, or my stomach, as well as the groin area. I call it ‘springs and chills,’ because it’s a sort of enjoyable springy feeling. One can learn to just stay in this phase and enjoy it for minutes at a time. It is the most celestial, magisterial, heavenly feeling a man can get. a few seconds before orgasm my brain builds up with extreme, intense, unimaginable pleasure. Each second becomes more intense with extreme bliss and euphoria in my brain.  It’s like angels are blessing my brain. I feel zero anxiety, worry, stress, negative feelings and I am 100% focused on this heavenly sensation. It’s like your spiritual soul has touched the gates of heaven for just a few seconds. It feels like the moon and stars, every living thing on earth, every object on earth, all the atoms of the universe is covering me with a blanket of protection and security and loves you.

It feels out of the world . The way you have complete control over the strokes . Masturbation feels really good . But the location to masturbate seems very hard for people to enjoy themselves, now I want to introduce 8 best places for you to masturbate!


1. A locked bathroom

A locked bathroom door is ideal. I always lie on the floor while doing it and position a mirror so that I can watch myself. And of course I do it while lying in the bath. I keep the tap running slowly. The splash of the water hides my moans.


2. In bedroom

I find masturbation to be much much better when I'm in a relaxed position and state of mind, and my bed is the most conducive to that. I usually do it in my bed under the covers, on my side or legs spread. If family is not home, I will take out my sex doll and make love with complete pleasure.


3. In a car

I think the best feeling place I masturbated was in my car. I was parked outside my nearest Target and whipped my dick out and watched all the people pass by and reeling of being caught also made me feel extra good.


4. In a park

When it gets dark, I will invite my girlfriend with me to the near park, then we find a good and private corner and we masturbate for each other, that is really exciting for me, especially when somebody comes towards us, we will stop for a while.


5. In a hotel

When holidays, my relatives are all at home, masturbation seems not very inconvenient, I am afraid they will hear my moanings but you are especially horny, then the hotel has become my first choice. I will book a three-hour room to enjoy.


6. In the library

When I was at university there was a section in the library that had some tables you could use for study. This one time I was sitting there studying and I felt myself getting a little bit horny. Thinking that this might make my study easier if I jerked off, I started playing with my dick as I sat at the desk. It was slowly getting harder and harder. I looked around the area to make sure that there was no one around. Once I was sure I was alone, I got my cock out of my pants and started jerking it even more under the table.


7. In the changing room

Once I was boring alone and went to Wal-Mart. When I saw a very sexy big booty girl, I suddenly felt very horny. There were few people in the supermarket at the time. I hid in the changing room and did a very pleasant masturbation.


8. On a balcony

I decided to try getting off while sitting on my balcony before the sun came up. My balcony faces the woods by my home so only some animals could see me but I had a lot of fun. It was so scary but so exciting too, I didn’t manage to finish up outside because of my nerves but I had a blast once I came in and laid down. The orgasm I had was just amazing!


So…there’s a few spots where you should masturbate. It’s a good start. Try to cover them all if you can.  

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