How to Clean Masturbators


Cleaning up adult products is as important as using adult products correctly. Correct use can make you enjoy the pleasure better, and correct cleaning can help you avoid diseases.

The first step, rinse with water: some people may clean by turning over the masturbator, which is totally wrong, and by that you will easily damage the entrance of the masturbator and cause cracking, resulting in cracking. This kind of violent cleaning method is not advisable!

The correct way is to open the entrance slightly, turn on the faucet, and let the flowing water pour into the inside, then the water overflows from the other end, allowing the flowing water to automatically flush out the dirt inside.

The second step is to use a special cleaning fluid, or an acidic shower gel that does less damage to silica gel and TPE materials, and scrub repeatedly.

The third step, rub the inner wall: rub the inner wall with your fingers, or use a soft brush to clean it. If you feel that there is no sticky feeling of juice, it means you are almost done to wash.

The fourth step, wipe clean: After rinsing, use a dry cloth to reach into the channel to wipe clean, do not wipe with paper towels, otherwise the paper scraps are easy to breed bacteria. (there is also a sanitary napkin on the market that can be inserted directly to absorb moisture)

The fifth step, spray talcum powder or special protective powder to prevent oil.

The preservation of the masturbator is also very important. It should be dried in the air and dried by the cold wind of a hair dryer; it should not be dried in hot air or dried in the sun. Store in a dry and cool place. Do not place the masturbator in a place exposed to sunlight or excessive heat.

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