• 8 Best Places to Masturbate

    8 Best Places to Masturbate
    I started masturbating since my 6th grade. When I feel horny, and have an opportunity to jerk off. I feel the joy of giving myself a reward. Chills start to appear in my body. They may be in the front of my thighs, the top of my head, my feet, or my stomach, as well as the groin area. I call it ‘springs and chills,’...
  • How to care and maintance sex dolls

    How to care and maintance sex dolls
    1. Please wash your hands before play, it is good to keep your sex doll clean.  2. Please always use a water based lube. Water-based lubricant is the most recommended and safest lubricant to use for intercourse with your doll. Oil-based lubes may cause damage to the material, and silicone lubricants should be avoided completely. 3. Please never use Vaseline or oil or silicone...
  • Why collegue students choose masturbation cup?

    Why collegue students choose masturbation cup?
    In this age of materialism, it takes time and money to make a girlfriend. For many college students, money and time cannot be combined, so they would rather choose a masturbation cup than have a girlfriend. For him who loves to play games, at the beginning of the game, his girlfriend made a phone call to make him exhausted and instantly felt very helpless,...
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