Public Reactions to the Increasing Popularity of Sex Dolls

The idea of sex dolls becoming a common and accepted part of society in the future may seem strange, but data indicates a rapid growth in the number of sex dolls.

In the future, owning a sex doll will no longer be seen as unusual or taboo, and discussing it will no longer be a surprising topic. While many may disagree with this notion, history shows that societal attitudes and industry norms change over time, and we can draw support from various backgrounds for this perspective.

Tracing History
Adult toys as assistive tools have a history spanning several thousand years. Fortunately, since their creation thousands of years ago, they have undergone significant improvements. In the past 50 years, the industry providing broad-spectrum assistance has developed.

Decades ago, when sex dolls first appeared, they were considered taboo. Today, they are considered a suitable and acceptable means of self-fulfillment, as it should be.

Evolution of Sexual Attitudes and Industry Norms
In the 1990s, purchasing adult products was considered highly unusual. A few decades ago, even owning a simple item could be alarming. However, now owning one is no more commonplace than having an alarm clock by the bedside.

The same applies to sex dolls; if you had one 50 or 60 years ago, the police might raid your place, arrest you, and confiscate the sex doll, not an exaggeration. While there were no laws prohibiting owning sex dolls at the time, such incidents might occur, and even if acquitted, one might forever be judged and labeled as deviant by those around.

In the 80s and 90s, sex dolls began to be viewed by most people as harmless and even amusing. While not fully accepted, negative labels such as "perverted" or "disgusting" significantly decreased. Today, these dolls occasionally appear in college dorms, serving as a source of humor, and perceptions of sex dolls are shifting from being vulgar to entertaining.

Currently, sex dolls have not been widely accepted like other types of adult aids. Before people can openly engage with sex dolls without judgment, they still carry a lingering sense of shame for some. However, as sex dolls continue to gain acceptance, societal views on these products are becoming more open, and this trend is expected to continue.

What Causes Stigmatization?
There are several potential reasons for this stigmatization, primarily stemming from outdated and conservative thinking.

The purpose of owning sex dolls is the same as any other consensual and morally acceptable behavior: to achieve self-fulfillment without harming others. In this regard, owning a sex doll is no different from owning a book. However, some segments of society continue to stigmatize sex dolls. While more and more people accept sex dolls and no longer consider them "weird," misconceptions still exist, and some unfairly judge those who own them.

Gender Relations
Owning sex dolls is thought to contribute to harmful attitudes towards women, such as sexism or chauvinism. However, this viewpoint lacks evidence, as there is no indication of a connection between the use of adult toys and negative attitudes towards women. In recent decades, with the increasing popularity of adult toys, gender equality has significantly improved. It's worth noting that critics often use baseless accusations to prove their negative stance on the use of adult toys.

What Does the Future Hold?
Imagining sex dolls of the future walking, talking, and interacting like humans is not impossible. While this may not happen in our lifetime, it's not hard to imagine that our descendants will consider our current societal views on sex dolls outdated and primitive. People today might find it amusing that previous generations thought a simple adult toy was shameful and outrageous, and future generations might have similar views on today's sex dolls.

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