Would You Consider It Cheating On You If Your SO Has Sex With A Sex Doll?


Recently I did a survey about the topic of “Would you consider it cheating on you If your SO has sex with a sex doll? ” among 100 men and 100 women, to my surprise, over 90% people do not consider it cheating if have sex with sex dolls. Here are some thoughts and reasons why they do not consider it cheating.

1. Sex doll is not a person and does not have a DNA.

2. Sex doll is a piece of plastic.

3. Sex doll is a tool. They are not threatened by silicone.

4. Sex doll can bring a whole new level of delightful intimacy to your relationship, it’s couple pleasure, not cheating.

5. Having sex with sex dolls just like masturbation or watching porn, it's not cheating.

6. Just like I wouldn't consider it cheating if my SO used a dildo or vibrator.

7. If my partner rather fuck a sex doll, maybe we just aren't compatible, but not cheating.

8. It’s not cheating, but they’d prefer their SO not have one though. It’s more of a concern if it’s replacing sex and affecting their sex life as a couple.

9. Sex dolls are on their team to save the world and their sex life from destruction.

10. If someone does not want you to experience the maximum pleasure during sex aren’t worthy of the one who know how to please themselves.

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