Why collegue students choose masturbation cup?

In this age of materialism, it takes time and money to make a girlfriend. For many college students, money and time cannot be combined, so they would rather choose a masturbation cup than have a girlfriend. For him who loves to play games, at the beginning of the game, his girlfriend made a phone call to make him exhausted and instantly felt very helpless, so he chose the masturbation cup. Of course, many single men who want to have girlfriends can only choose a masturbation cup because they can't afford gifts for a girlfriend.  Some worry all kinds of insecurity existed at any time. Therefore, single men with security awareness would rather choose a masturbation cup than use dating software. Of course, these single men have often experienced the unique feeling of masturbation cups, so they also have a soft spot for masturbation cups until the day when you really have a girlfriend!

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