Is masturbation good for men?


Many people think that masturbation is a very bad behavior, but for a physically and mentally healthy person, appropriate masturbation is not harmful. Even after marriage, masturbation is a normal behavior, and under the guidance of a doctor, masturbation can also treat certain sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, erectile difficulties, and frigid sex.

From this, we can also know that masturbation is no longer a method of releasing sexual energy that is not needed when we are young and after marriage. According to the survey, among those who have been married (or living together for a long time) and are not separated, 21.9% of men and 4.8% of women still masturbate.

If we only look at those who masturbate before marriage, the statistics of men are even more alarming: 70.9% of husbands often masturbate after marriage. The data tells us that it is common for men to masturbate after marriage. In addition, statistics show that among men aged 20-24 and 25-29, 100% and 94% continue to masturbate. Among husbands aged 45-49 and 50-54, they were 73.4% and 72.0%.

After further analysis, it is found that the age difference between husband and wife directly affects the frequency of husbands’ masturbation. Those who are the easiest to continue masturbating and the most frequent are the two kinds of husbands: those who are 2 years younger than their wives and those who are 6 years older than their wives. In the former, 73% of people masturbated more than once a month; in the latter, the proportion was as high as 79%.

The frequency of husbands’ masturbation is largely determined by their wives. Young husbands continue to masturbate, mostly because they are energetic, while their wives are still in the sexual adjustment period or stop having sex due to pregnancy and other reasons, so they have to continue to rely on masturbation to coordinate the relationship. But the situation of the middle-aged husband is likely to be the result of "the accumulation of fatigue in sexual life within marriage." This is related to the wife's premature cessation of sex. It may also be that after a long-term husband and wife life, husbands must use masturbation, which can best meet their own needs.

So, what are the benefits of appropriate masturbation for men?

1. Masturbation is a seasoning agent for couples' sexual life.

Marital life is usually a lifetime. If you only have sex with one person for a lifetime, you can only receive sexual services from one person, and human nature makes you feel tired. At this time, we can't engage in extramarital affairs. How can our sexual desire find a new path? So as to stimulate new vitality? Masturbation is the best and most rational choice at this time. It will not hurt anyone, relationships and feelings, effectively prevent extramarital affair, and reduce the chance of contracting dirty diseases, and it is convenient, cheap and safe.

2. Masturbation can effectively treat premature ejaculation

Why do you say that masturbation can treat premature ejaculation? Because many people’s premature ejaculation actually has only one psychological barrier, so before having sex with your girlfriend or lover, premature ejaculation patients can masturbate by themselves, so that you will have a shot first; When you really have sex, your body will not be too sensitive, which effectively prevents premature ejaculation during sex, and then you get a positive psychological suggestion, and slowly, you will return to normal sexual psychology indicators, and later, you will never have premature ejaculation again. This is psychotherapy, but it is a very effective treatment for premature ejaculation.

3. Appropriate masturbation can "relax" the prostate

 Men’s prostate health is greatly affected by mental factors. When there is a state of long-term tension such as mental tension, the prostate will also send out sub-health signals. Therefore, men should pay attention to choosing a suitable way to release their body energy. Appropriate masturbation can relieve male tension, promote blood circulation in the body, and improve immunity. When males are found to have reproductive abnormalities and other reactions, they should be checked in time to determine the condition and relieve the tension of the prostate.

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