How To Choose Clothes for Sex Doll Torsos


Dressing up for sex doll torsos is one of the joys for doll lovers. Many people buy their favorite dolls from Nastnova, but they don't know how to choose the right clothes for their dolls. This article will provide indicative guidance in this regard on clothes sizes for each Nastnova sex doll, and will tell you the precautions for choosing clothes.

For mini sex doll torsos: Zelda, Cherry, Tatiana, Kendall, Daisy, Victoria, Adam, Zavia, Juliana, Kate, Angela, Olivia. Bandeau is good for mini sex torsos with boobs, the smaller size you could find, the better.

clothes for sex doll torsos

For panties of mini sex doll torsos , it’s hard to find small one for mini torsos in the market. We recommend to contact a shop and ask for a custom order. This will be by far the easiest way. Or you can learn to sew homemade clothes for your mini sex doll.

For small sex doll torsos: Abby, Amanda, Clarissa, Edith Twin, Edith, Gloria, Harley, Izabella, Nina, Paola, Rose, Rose Twin. You could choose XS/S size panties and AA/A cup bra swimsuit or lingerie for your small size sex torsos.

swimsuit for best sex doll torsos

For medium sex doll torsos: Bonnie, Dahlia, Fanny, Ginger, Hanna, Heidi, Lana, Romi, Selena. You could choose S size panties and A cup bra swimsuit or lingerie for your medium size sex torsos.

For life size sex doll torsos: Amber, Gabrielle, Jessica, Kenzie, Kim, Kylee, Rihanna, Rihanna Twin, Stephanie. You could choose M size panties and A cup bra swimsuit or lingerie for your life size sex torsos.

For life size sex doll torsos: Jemma, Mia, Novah, Phoebe. You could choose L size panties and B/C cup bra swimsuit or lingerie for your life size sex torsos.

Issues to be aware of before dressing up:

First of all, before wearing clothes, you need to apply a layer of baby powder/corn starch on the surface of nastnova sex doll, which will make the doll look more realistic and make it easier to wear clothes.

Second, please don't wear very brightly colored clothes for the doll. Because tpe is oily, once dyed, the color will not be washed off, so it is best to wear white, light pink or flesh-colored clothes, which is very important.

Third, clothes that are too tight and one-piece are not suitable for sex torso dolls. They are not easy to wear, and long time wearing will easily cause creases. 

Fourth, clothes with sharp ornaments should not be worn, such as brooches, sequins, chains, etc., as there is a danger of scratching the doll.

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