How Do Men Increase Stamina and Last Longer

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It usually takes more than 15 minutes for women to reach orgasm. This is a very difficult task for ordinary men. If we can’t satisfy our lady all the time, it will cause a rift in the relationship and encounter emotional crisis. How can men last longer? This issue is very frustrating, but below are some good tips to help: 


Slow Sex. Slowly having sex means not necessarily fast and passionate. Keep your movements slow and steady, and slowly increase stimulation. Don't be too obsessive, tease your partner by delaying and changing the sex positions, and then make a quick deep penetration. When both parties are ready, you can speed up and come to an explosive end. The is called "7 and 9 Techniques": keep yourself (and your lady) excited, but don't reach the edge of the climax, do this by switching between 7 fast strokes and 9 slow strokes.

Change sex positions. One of the best ways to maintain energy, suppress cramps, and avoid premature ejaculation is to frequently change sex positions, speeds, and movement. When you feel that you are close to orgasm, change to a new sex position or stop penetrating. In addition to helping you last longer, it also gives you a more interesting and varied sexual experience. Focusing on penetrative intercourse is not the whole and the end of sex.

Foreplay. You can give your partner a long time experience by taking the time to enjoy a great foreplay by kissing, touching, pillow talk, and the use of toys or bondage set. That can make you have wonderful and unforgettable sex. Give your significant other a lot of oral and movement stimulation, let her walk in front of you-or even masturbate her to reach one or more orgasms before the penetration.

Use thick condoms. Many people have noticed that using thick condoms reduces sensitivity and makes them postpone orgasm. Using lubricant along with condoms also seems to help men last longer.

Self-training. Method: When masturbating, let yourself hold on for 15 minutes. The purpose of this masturbation is not simply to get pleasure for yourself, but to fantasize in your mind how to get your lady to have an orgasm at the same time.

Press the urethra. When you find that your body reacts too quickly during sexual intercourse, and you have an "overheating" state, try to press the penis underneath to put some pressure on the urethra. This small tube is on the back of the penis. Doing so can reduce the blood in the penis, thereby suppressing the desire for quick ejaculation.

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