35 Things Every Man Should Know for Men's Health


1. Don't take the occasional quick sexual encounter as a big deal. Many of them can be extended by training, communication, and adjustment.

2. Occasionally failing to get hard is not impotence.

3. Don't hold back your urine when have sex, and don't go to the toilet immediately after the ejaculation. This can easily lead to prostatitis in the long term.

4. Sexual ability is not related to the length of the penis.

5.The penis will not grow up again and will not develop a second time.

6. Excessive obesity will affect the length of the penis.

7. Never wear a rubber band or band to prolong an erection or prevent ejaculation. This can clot the blood and cause tissue necrosis.

8. The normal time of sex is generally no more than 15 minutes. Too long will cause cause your prostate to be injured.

9. It is best to excrete sperm once a week. If you accumulate too much, the quality of semen will also decrease, leading to failure of conception.

10. Condoms only reduce the infectivity, and cannot completely prevent sexually transmitted diseases, especially syphilis.

11. Sticking to squats and planks can improve sexual performance, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

12. It is normal to have a big egg and a small egg, one high and one low.

13. The right testicle of most adults is slightly heavier than the left.

14. Frequent hot baths and saunas may lead to infertility, and balls do not like high temperatures.

15. Abstinence for a long time can lead to gradual loss of sexual function.

16. Frequent sexual life will make the prostate congested for a long time, and excessive abstinence will also cause poor drainage of prostate fluid, both will increase the risk of prostatitis.

17. External ejaculation is very unreliable for contraception, no one can control the secretion of prostate fluid, and it is very likely that a small amount of sperm will slip out quietly.

18. Pay attention to cleaning before sex. Balanitis and vaginitis are prone to cross infection between men and women, so it is important to clean beforehand.

19. During the day, the brain suppresses the sexual response, and at night the suppression function disappears, so when you fall asleep, you will continue to get erections. 

20. The best way to improve sexual performance is exercise.

21. Harmful substances such as nicotine and tar in cigarettes can kill normal sperm in the body and reduce sperm quality.

22. The prostate is an organ exclusively for men. Women do not have a prostate, but have a tissue structure similar to that of the male prostate.

23. About 200 million sperm are released in a normal ejaculation, and men produce 15 billion sperm a day.

24. Semen contains the same protein as eggs.

25. More exposure to the sun can increase male male hormone levels and improve sperm quality.

26. The sperm you emit now is the sperm you produced two and a half months ago.

27. It doesn't matter if the foreskin is a little longer, but it should be cleaned every day.

28. Men in their 60s and 70s also have sex needs, which is a manifestation of health.

29. Early morning is the best time to shave.

30. Never share shavers with others, as hepatitis C virus can be spread this way. One in every 100 people carries the virus.

31. Do not use too hot water for bathing, which will accelerate skin aging.

32. Sleep less than 6 hours, the probability of cancer and depression will also increase.

33. Among people over 40 years old, up to 52.5% of men suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction)

34. Drinking plenty of water can reduce the formation of urinary stones such as kidney stones and ureteral stones.

35. Sitting on a soft sofa for a long time or driving for a long time will oppress the private parts and affect its function.

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