10 General Rules for Safe Storage of Sex Doll Torso


Safe storage of sex doll torso can seem like a daunting task. In fact, the idea of store torsos and dolls scared me away from owning any for quite some time. But, in reality, it is fairly easy and simple once you know what you’re doing. So, allow me to share my experience with you and show you how to safely store your own sex doll torso!

Do not bend the torso doll for a long time or make sex dolls sit and stand or other positions for long period rather than in original position when you receive. Do not spread the legs of torso sex dolls in a 180° position, and do not raise their hands (if they have) excessively. If it stands for a long time, the skeleton of thigh will pierce and cause exposure outside the skin. After use, store it in the original position when you receive as soon as possible.

Do not touch the skin of your torso sex doll with knives or other sharp objects to prevent scratches.

Do not burn in the fire, and keep sex doll torsos away from the fire source, because the material is flammable.

Avoid storing in places with dust. The surface of the TPE is prone to stickiness and static electricity, and is easily contaminated with dust.

If one side of sex doll was pressed for a long time, there will be indentations, but don't worry about it, just turn the pressing side up, it will recover by itself after a few days.

Because of the particularity of the material, it is easy to be dyed, so do not wear dark clothes, and it is difficult to completely remove stains from large-scale dyeing. Stain remover can only handle light dyeing.

If sex doll torso is accidentally dyed, try to remove with olive oil, salad oil or deep cleansing oil. Evenly apply olive oil to the dyeing area, and place the sex doll in a dry and cool place after wiping. If the staining is serious and cannot be removed, you can purchases stain remover for treatment.

When carrying a sex doll torso, make sure to hold the torso body and not directly pull the limbs or head.

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