• The Best Places to Store Sex Doll Torso

    The Best Places to Store Sex Doll Torso
    Do you have a storage solution for sex doll torso that you are happy with? If you’re living with kids or family members, that’s a freaking headache. But do not worry if you read this blog. Here are 4 places for you to store your sex doll torsos. The Original Shipping Box When you receive the Nastnova sex doll torso, the sex doll will...
  • Why Do People Buy Sex Dolls?

    Why Do People Buy Sex Dolls?
    Many people are very curious into buying one sex doll for themselves even though they have a GF/BF or stable relationships, but after doing some search and you may have one question: why did guys/women buy sex doll? Here are some good reasons I have heard from customers: Replace a girlfriend/boyfriend “it's a much cheaper alternative to having a girlfriend. I'm also a homebody,...
  • What Is A Sex Doll?

    What Is A Sex Doll?
    When it comes to sex dolls, the first thing that should be mentioned is the inflatable dolls. The inflatable dolls were invented by Germany during World War II in order to meet the needs of soldiers. The inflatable dolls had not yet come into play before Germany lost the war and the World War II ended. What really makes it play a role is...
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